Sauna Design: Taking an Advantage of Tide Level

  • The main thread of 2017 Architectonics, taught by Peter Tagiuri and Jonathan Knowles, is to create a sauna with the consideration of light phenomenon, tectonics, circulation of programs, and materiality. Starting from two dimensional drawing, paper light box, card board models, to wood modeal making, this class covered comprehensive aspects of architectural thinking and techniques. As the very first assignment of the course,this drawing took inspiration of light phenomenon on toilet flush
     18X24 in, Conte-crayon
  • The second assignment was to create a light box that translates the first conte-crayon drawing only using one piece of 18X24 strathmore paper. 
  • The inside view of the light box that shows the light phenomenon 
  • Students were encouraged to investigate historical and geological compontents of the site, situated in Fox point, Providence. This painting of the site indicates my planning of the model, which is to combine the urban pattern with natural components in the site. As an architect, It is highly important to understand compatibility between architecture and the surrounding, I wanted to create a sauna that allows people to comprehend the duality between naturalness and urbanity that exist simultaneously in the city. 
  • Third assignment was to understand circulation and program of sauna, creating a 1/2 scaled model made out of cardboard. 
  • Light phenomenon in the interior of 1/2in cardboard model 
  • Tectonic model: understanding materiality and architectural construction of the sauna
    3/4 sclaed, birch wood, photoshoped
  • Plan and section drawing of the sauna
  • 1/4 scaled model of sauna model on the site, made out of 1/16in bass wood and cardboard 
  • Interior design of the sauna.
    The rectengular column in the core functions as a place that produces fire to heat up the sauna. 
  • Overall Description: 
    Taking latent potential of Seekonk river’s tide level, the intention of my sauna is to create an experience that varies every time when one enters the sauna. The core mechanism that makes this altering experience possible is to keep the main sauna grounded in the water and have the changing room that resembles the shape of ring floating. The boat ring therefore will move vertically depending on the tide level ranged from 0.3 to 4.3 feet. The sauna itself allows people to encounter two different realities as it is divided by the mezzanine, the middle floor. The square pattern on the roof with gridshell construction creates a light phenomenon that reminds people of urban texture that indicates the overview of buildings and houses in Providence. When one enters the room underneath, they are exposed to the view of the underwater. In short, dual experiences in one sauna remind people of the harmony between urban beauty and naturalness.