WIC centre | 392 Cranston Street

  • West End, which is Providence’s largest and most population-dense neighborhood, has high immigrant rate and a diverse races and origins. Food insecurity is considered as one of the major issues of the district. The insecurity in food means that people might not get enough food due to financial reason. The result of it is the limited expense on the food, the family will consider to spend money on cheaper food, that is the unhealthy one. If the family wants to eat healthy, they might be not able to get enough food daily. Some do not have car, and they find the way to get healthy food is too far away. In some cases, immigrant families can not find familiar vegetables in the district and they do not have access to plant them. And this will lead to harmful diseases like obesity and diabetes.

    • 70% had to choose between paying for utilities or buying food. 
    • 68% had to choose between paying for medicine or food. 
    • 67% had to choose between paying for transportation or food. 
    • 62% had to choose between paying for housing or buying food.

    WIC centre, locates in West End, is a community centre for women and infants but as well an institution that helps community members achieve healthy life style. It also provides cooking class for community members and summer classes for teenagers. This project aims to create a multi-functional community space that could bring the community members together.