Chair Design: From IKEA to 'IDEAL'

  • This group project aims to transform and redesign an IKEA chair according to the preference of user. Any feature of this chair should be a choice for better user experience. Namely, it serves only for a particular audience and it is limited to the public.  
  • In order to observe the behavior of the user, the group recorded a video of user’s sitting experience. In the video, the user was required to perform the process of walking and sitting as naturally as possible. From the screenshots, it could be discovered that after the user sitting on the sofa, he gradually squirmed on it till he found his comfort position and this duration is about 2-3 seconds. His body was leaning back.Therefore, his body weight was mainly supported by his lower-part lumbar. Also he preferred to have his legs crossed. 
  • ‘Physical and mental satisfaction ’ for the user

    "Our user is considered to be 89% of the endomorphic type of people. The position he found most comfortable to sit on is crossing his legs, leaning one arm on the armrest and having support to his back. So we choose the material and shape to satisfies his physical needs.  The shape of the chair is designed to fit his back, where he needs to have more supports. The wooden surface is polished to be smooth enough for him to squirm and adjust his body. It’s hardness is also good for people’s health. Considering the user’s aesthetic preference, we keep the texture and color of the wood. In addition, wood, as a natural material, associates people with nature. Since the chair usually functions as a lounge chair, the natural appearance adds more to its relaxing property. There are lot of curves used to fit with user’s body. By using curvy shapes, smoothness and fluidness of curves brings the feeling of harmony into the design. These appearences of the chair all add pleasure to the sitting experience. "

    Credit to group member : Emilie Jehng