HOLYCHILD Cover Redesign

  • HOLYCHILD Album Cover Redesign

    This redesign of Holychild's LP "The Shape of Brat Pop to Come" depicts a series of photographs of barbie dolls dipped in gold paint. The drippings of gold are then integrated into the Holychild logo. When I was trying to come up with a symbol for "Brat Popstars", I immediately thought of Barbie dolls. Obsessed with money and fame, these dolls are covered in their fortune, consumed by materialism and superficiality. 
  • HOLYCHILD - "The Shape of Brat Pop to Come" Cover Redesign (Front). 2017. Adobe Illustrator.
  • Back and Spine.
  • HOLYCHILD - "The Shape of Brat Pop to Come" Cover Redesign (Credits Page). 2017. Adobe Illustrator. 
  • Front, Back, and Spine .
  • Barbies Dipped in Gold (Front Cover Photograph). 2017. Digital Photography. 
  • Barbie Brushes (Back Cover Photograph). 2017. Digital Photography. 
  • Barbie's Erotic Dream House (Credits Photo). 2017. Digital Photography.