Upcycled Furniture: Glowing Coral Chair (2017)

  • Brief Introduction: 
    A upcycled beanbag chair that is combined with lighting built with a modular system.
    By folding and twisting each of the existing and recycled foam blocks into a spiral form, I created a modular system to extend and grow into organic forms.  Throughout the process, I played with various kinds of organic forms.  And eventually, I transformed the organic form into a seating and incorporated with the lighting in order to represent the inspiration of coral and life.  It also embodies the functionality with the flexibility and soft texture of the material.  

  • Product used in real life.

  • Closer look into the interior space with the lighting involved.

  • These are the original brainstorming sketches, inspiration and prototype. Initially, I started with thinking about how to incorporate lighting with organic forms. Step by step I got to the thought that the light could be storable/movable instead of a set lamp that could only allow certain part to shine. 

  • The pictures below explain the process of the modular system.
    Top left : the original foam block
    Top right : Foam balls being taken out from the foam block
    Bottom left : foam block being twisted and sides of it being connected
    Bottom right : foam block turns into a new form

  • By connecting each three modules, I figured out a system that creates a solid surface. To build up a large scale sculpture. this system could work really efficiently and effectively.

  • With the foundation system developed, I started creating a huge piece without actually building a border. Usually in designing, I tend to set a end goal. However, here in the process, I chose to explore more of the material by opening up to more possibilities within the process. 

  • This is one of the organic forms I got while creating the piece. I was really astonished by how many forms could this piece transform into. It was somehow just like a lively create that crawls everywhere. I really did enjoy this part of the whole process. I realized this is truly the purpose of upcycling, which is to give an already existed object a new life. 

  • One phase among the process is shown here, which if you turn the product upside down, and it will become a blind that creates a beautiful shining pattern. And this process here brought me back to my original inspiration of coral/life. 

  • One more picture of product being shown in real life.