This is an installation piece I made in 2015. 
    I was thinking about how people make marks by actions and how machines document and restrict users. 
    The machine was set up in a narrow corridor, and inside the machine there were plastic bars in the way. In order to pass through the corridor, people need to make choices about how to move those bars to clear their way. Different movements and speed make different marks. There are multiple ways to move one bar to get through. Also, people of different heights make different decisions. 
    In the end, the drawings stay on the wall and people passing through this corridor see the marks made by those people who passed though before them.

    with cardboard, PVC pipe and wood rod.

  • STEP 1 :
    Add brushes and markers to the end of rods.

  • STEP 2 : 
    Test with different users.

  • STEP 3 :
    Cover the machine with paper to represent the wall of corridor.

  • STEP 4: 
    Use and make marks/drawings.


  • Thanks for viewing!