Impression of China

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    《Impression of China》
  • Burning clothes
  • Burning clothes
  • Burning clothes. Is part of the Chinese culture. Is China's respect for the immortal and has died of tribute. Usually, it is made of paper by hand-made method. Chinese people believe that as long as the daily necessities made into a paper model , After Burned. Death people can receive. So these paper products are usually very fashionable, there are now the latest technology, such as computers and mobile phones iphone7, there are cars and aircraft .... and a variety of brand-name clothes. Belonging to the Chinese traditional hand culture. You can find similar stores in Chinatown. The Chinese believe that the world after death, and the real world should be the same. So also need fake paper money, housing contracts, and daily necessities, etc .. Belong to part of the feudal superstition
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  • Cellular phone 
  • Cellular phone ! (Mobile phone,Chinese mean Big brother phone )In the 70s ~80s, mobile phone, once all the rage. Every household is eager to have one. Is a symbol of fashion. But also the beginning of the telephone revolution in science and technology#moblie #phone#drawing #illustration #art #poster #cellularphone
  • Dried seafood
  • In China, Dried seafood is very popular. So there are many dried seafood shop in China ,specialized sales; such as dry abalone, dried shark's fin, dried salted fish, dried conch, etc. ... traditional Chinese like to choose seafood as a gift. Because Dried seafood is also an important material in Chinese cuisine. Usually used in soup, more flavor. So far, Dried seafood shop can still be found in Chinatown
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  • Tailor's shop
  • Tailor's shop ,In China, the 1980s, and not many shopping malls. Ordinary people will make their own clothes in the tailor shop. Custom clothes and change clothes.Even to now.U can still find chines style Tailor shop in Chinatown #tailor #tailorshop #maker#painting #art #illustration #drawing #chinese #china#Chineseculture#chinatown
  • Siu Mei
  • Siu Mei! No one will refuse the Barbecued Meat (Cantonese style,Cantonese BBQ).In the Chinese market, siu mei shops are very popular.Made in a special way, Best made with charcoal.Chinese people, like the siu-mei as a snack. With the smell of hospitality guest.As long as you try, you will love. So far still can be found in the Chinese town.
  • Ji Zai Biscuits, (chicken biscuits west guangdong)
  • Ji Zai Biscuits, (chicken biscuits west guangdong) .Guangzhou's leading kind of biscuits, was originally known as "Xiao Feng Biscuits".  Is flavored with cream, mashed garlic, ground pepper powder, five-spice powder, and salt. Xiao Feng Biscuits are shaped like chicken, hence its nickname of "Ji Zai Biscuits" ("Ji Zai" means chicken).By the Hong Kong and Guangdong people like. So you Still can find in Chinatown. Is the best home gift. 
  • Iron toy
  • Once popular in China iron toys, in the 70 to 80 years, swept the world. Including, iron robot, iron toy car, iron aircraft. Simulation of the reality of the mechanical shape,color is rich, Every Chinese child is eager to have one.
  • sweet soup
  • Sweet Soup is very popular in China. Materials are usually made from fresh fruits and beans. Chinese believe. The sweet soup is especially for women to have better skin and keep younger.
    But these dessert shops sell, not the general dessert. Have more different choices. My favorite is: "Chilled mango sago cream with pomelo" and "Sweetened Red Bean Paste with Lotus Seeds and Lily Bulbs" .If is Summer, People uesd like to Eat "Sweet Mung Bean Soup" .and "Tofu Fa" .teast just like pudding.
    Also, if you look at the menu, they always havr: Dried Beancurd and Ginkgo Nuts Dessert, Sweet Potato with Ginger, Simmered White Jelly Fungus with Papaya and Apricot Kernels, Black Sesame Soup, Almond Paste, Walnut Soup, Peanut Soup, Bird's nest In coconut milk ... or Water Chestnut Cake, Chinese Bowl Pudding .... Do not be afear .Just try it!
    Perhaps, this is why the Chines people always look younger.We Love all the sweet soup !
  • sweet soup