• Regular Hours is a digital installation that runs 24/7 on the internet, viewable here

    Part commentary, part critique, Regular Hours serves as a website that gives the "regular hours" of contemporary consumerism. Based on the many shopping malls of America, the site references the fast-paced, constantly busy complexes of shops, food courts, even indoor roller coasters and aquariums that reflect a greater American ideal: the need to consume. Despite physical opening and closing times of stores, many shops are now online, allowing consumers to visit, browse, purchase at practically any given time of the day.

    The site is designed to resemble "security feeds" of an abstract representation of the shopping experience — the color and movement of the videos change depending on the time of day when visiting the site. 

    Designed and created for Graphisme en Contexte, under the guidance of Nicole Udry at ECAL, Fall 2016