5419: Collection S/S 2018 [Wintersession17]

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  • 5419 is a collection inspired by the scholarly elite in Republican China (1912-49). At a time where most of the country was illiterate and uneducated, the scholarly elite and students were major push factors for modernization and social change. The name 5419 is reference to the May Fourth Movement (05/04/1919), a student protest against encroaching imperial powers. 

    Due to these beginnings, the collection draws from Republican Era Chinese clothing and school uniforms. The result is a carefully balanced combination of traditional Qing Dynasty silhouettes, 20th Century military elements, cuffs, collars, pleats and tailoring. 

    Despite these inspirations, this collection seeks to remain modern, wearable, and innovative. It does this by incorporating modern fabrics, such as organza, and contemporary color palettes. 

    Anrui Zhu // Winter 2017  ​​​​​​​

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