Emotional Prototyping

  • Emotional Prototype
    Setting: Rhode Island School of Design | Fiction & Design
    Work Time: 2 Hours
    Question: How can speculative fiction serve as a foundation for art and design?

    The initial objective of this exercise was to respond to a quote from a piece of speculative fiction through an "emotional prototype". The goal was to create rapidly prototype this sculptural object from supplies around a room, thinking critically about the emotions and themes the quote packs into it.

    This specific piece focuses on the imagery and form of both the voyeuristic moon peering through the trees and the fire crackling and engulfing the wood. This piece was created using a piece of scrap oak, adhesive and brass sheeting.


    "We washed the dishes in the gurgling creek. The roaring bonfire kept the mosquitoes away. A new moon peeked down through the pine boughs. We rolled out our sleeping bags and went to bed early, bone weary."

    - The Dharma Bums, Jack Kerouac