NYC2012 Olympic Bid

  • NYC2012 Olympic Bid

    As lead designer I was responsible for designing the look of the games for New York City’s 2012 Summer Olympic Bid. The system primarily included event graphics and all 33 sport pictograms which were prominently featured in the 3-volume Olympic bid book and extended to NYC2012 communications, vehicle wraps, merchandise and promotional items.

    The graphics system or "kit of parts" allowed for tailoring and customization to each sports venue. I worked in close coordination with the CGI consultant to bring each venue to life, providing art direction and submitting graphic elements with visual instructions for placement.


  • Interior Banners
  • Exterior Banners
  • Exterior Event Entrance Marker and Information Kiosk
  • Exterior and Interior Event Banners and Flags
  • Exterior Main Entry Gateway and Canopy
  • Bus, Train and Ferry Graphics
  • Wall Wrap, Jumbotron and Boxing Ring Graphics
  • NYC2012 Bid Book
  • Wishing Tokyo Japan the best in 2020