Blood Diamond (2017)

  • Found M59/85 Yugoslav People's Army Helmet, Paracord, Cotton Netting, UV Printed PETG, UV Printed Plexiglas, Wood and White Translucent Acrylic, Digital Print
  • Blood Diamond is an installation that attempts to deconstruct symbols and icons of war in video games/cinema to their under-structure. It is quite a pity that war topics are reduced and simplified in popular memory - blanketed as valorous, while complicated paradoxes and difficult narratives are often buried underneath. This installation brings these objects and logics out of their original medium in the hope that it opens up a new conduit - one that needs not only be accessed through viewing, but also through being. The AK-47 consists of fragmented images from places of tragedy where an AK-47 rifle is involved; the camouflage pattern on the helmet consists of all the items that can be found in a medic bag.

    Subsequently, how do we think about war symbols and icons outside the rhetorics of combat, duel, and aggression? What is the role of empathy in talking about a topic, that while is of an immense influence, is only encountered second/third hand by today's generation - as a history, as pieces of information?

    As a continuation of this installation, I will be conducting research and interviews with people who have access to war stories. Through this research, hopefully I will be able to get in touch with a more specific narrative, but at the same time, also understand the second/third generations relationship with such memories.