• ARTOUR, a combination of Arts and Tour, is a train system with itinerant modern art exhibition held in the train. It aims to provide passengers and art enthusiasts with a brand new experience.
    This is part of a self-initiated project. I designed the logo, the app interface, and the packaging.

  • Logo Concept Diagram

  • UI Design
  • The app of ARTOUR enables passengers to gain information about the current exhibition, and purchase tickets according to the train schedule.

  • Packaging Design
  • ARTOUR also provides passengers with toiletries for staying in the train. 
    The packaging of toiltry aims to embody the concept of ARTOUR. The shapes of each packaging, triangle, square, circle, and rectangle, are all derived from the logo. The vivid colors and geometric patterns are designed to highlight the features of contemporary art.


  • Thanks for watching!