Rhinoceros Self-Portrait

  • Introduced to the new program, we started out by using some of Rhino’s basic tools. 
    With Rhino, we started out by learning to create and renter surfaces, solids, and poly-
    gon meshes. To practice using Rhino we drew 10-minute nude figure drawings using
    the basic line tools. After attacking the line drawings, we started to use more complicated
    tools to create form and build a 3D model of the nude model using solids such as 
    cylinders and cubes.
    For our first assignment, using a hacked Kinect for Xbox 360, we scanned our body.
    This device then transferred the scan into a CAD program (Rhino) through python
    codings, allowing us to use the scan in Rhino program. The challenge of this assign-
    ment was to maintain the 3D aspects of our self-portrait through a 2D print.
    I eliminated the majority of the Xbox scan and left out specific parts of my body to
    still be able to embody the gesture that I had. I maintained the 3D scan of my shoulders,
    the hands, and the abdominal area. Although this was a 2D form assignment, I wanted to
    show that I can still depict movement within the line drawing by taking advantage of the 
    3D scan and showing more than one angle of my gesture.