The Annotated : OTIS

  • This¬†book was created as part of a Typography for Illustrators course. Students were free to choose a song of their liking and create an annotated version of it using commentary provided by Rap Genius (
    Otis is a song by Kanye West and Jay Z from their joint album Watch The Throne. The song is incredibly busy as its beat contains samples from 3 separate songs as well as interchanging verses from both rappers. Therefore, the pages are filled with recurring patterns, pixelated into heavy halftones to imitate the overwhelming feeling of the perfectly orchestrated noise. 
  • The verses are printed out on clear acetate paper in order to bring more focus to the meaning behind them. Through the transparencies, the reader can catch a glimpse of the annotations. It's hard to read the commentary just by looking at the clearings in the paper therefore suggesting the elusiveness in rappers' lyricisms. However, once the page is turned, the annotations are crisp and clear.
  • The Annotated : OTIS layout design, excluding the "Try a Little Tenderness" Otis Redding verse "Oh Nah Nah Nah"