Pre RISD : Architectural Model (2016)

  • Brief Introduction: 
    Interior and Architectural Model - 2015
    This design combines the art of paper folding and irregular
    crisscrossing lines at the exterior. The transparency of the material and cut out shapes o the paper show how light interacts with space. The exterior plays with shape and form, whereas the interior space serves as a multi-functional space which could be used to hold exhibitions, speeches, farmer’s markets, artist’s markets and so on.

    Material: Paper and acrylic sheet
  •
    With exploring the paper form, I created this interesting pattern. Also, with applying the paper form as a exterior, I thought about the lighting and the ventilation. What if this paper form could allow some space to be spare? Therefore, I cut out only half of the surface to incorporate nature in the architecture. 
    Then, I encountered another question, which was the transparency of the walls suggests too much insecurity and too little privacy. Hence, I added this random pattern to seemingly enclose this space by creating another layer.