MSR Community Chlorine Maker

  • If you can't get safe water to people, you empower them to make it.

    It’s estimated that every 90 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease.   Chlorine is one of the most effective ways to treat water. However, in low-resource communities, chlorine can be extremely expensive, difficult to transport, or is simply not available.
  • IDEA
    Empower people in need to make their water safe and reinvent the supply chain of chlorine in developing nations. How? By crowdfunding the MSR Community Chlorine Maker, a unique device that uses just salt, water and electricity from any 12-volt battery to produce enough chlorine in 5 minutes to treat 200 liters of water. Just one device can provide sustainable water treatment for a community of up to 200 people for 5 years or more.