• eco-lojic ~ FW '16
    By Mc Kenzie Kay Everett

  • Model: Eden Tai
    Photography: Matt Francis

  • "Zero-waste" doesn't need to mean "zero waist". 

    Using un-dyed hemp fiber, that was created using 50% less water than cotton, this jumpsuit was made using zero-waste design. Only two cuts were made in a 60 inch length of fabric to create each leg of the pant suit, resulting in there being no excess fabric scrap. 

    Through fabric manipulation, the romper conforms to the wearer's body, revealing the feminine form. This manipulation's texture is drawn from organic, natural forms such as bark patterns or the gills of a mushroom.

    Furthermore, the surplus of the material around the waist as the result of zero waste design enables the garment to be deconstructed. In theory, the garment could be remade into an entirely different garment because the fabric is ultimately large lengths of fabric.

    These environmental considerations aim to prove that environmental, eco-friendly design is beautiful and that ethics do not need to be sacrificed in favor of aesthetics.

  • Photography: McKenzie Everett
  • Model: Eden Tai
    Photography + Styling: McKenzie Everett
    Assistance: Anrui Zhu