• Revelations ~ FW' 16
    By Mc Kenzie Kay Everett

  • Model: Sydney Santostefano
    Photography: Matt Francis

  • What will "fashion" be when our depletion of the Earth is complete?

    Revelations was inspired by thoughts of the future in the face of rising environmental concern. Within the next 50 years, much of our natural resources will have disappeared entirely or will become too difficult or expensive to produce and use. This garment imagines what clothing will look like in this dystopian future in which resources such as natural gas, coal, and oil are more scarce

    Knit on a single-bed domestic machine, this 100% wool garment explored the “wandering cable knit,” a knitting technique that deconstructs and distorts the traditional cable knit as a commentary on how our traditional views of knitwear and clothing may be distorted. This "body scarf" is designed to be worn a variety of ways in an attempt to eliminate the need for various garments within an individual’s wardrobe and provide greater versatility.

  • Photography: McKenzie Everett