Elmwood Community Garden

  • The design for the Elmwood Community Garden is based on the engagement and relationship, both garden to community and gardener to gardener. The programmatic elements of rest space, shade and tool storage are focused along the perimeter ina maner that considers each side's unique relationship to the extendedsite. This maximizes the area of the garden plots and optimizes their accessibility while creating spacial connections that ignite social interaction. The result is a living, growing space that through the economic use of material and design provides an urban community with a place to grow produce and connect with neighbors. 
  • Model at 1'=4" scale.
  • Plant Beds.
  • Rest Areas. 
  • Above: Interaction Area. Below: Circulation Area
  • In an effort to foster engagement on a variety of scales and provide a small amount of personal storage, each bed includes a small bench with a lid to store tools. The location of these benches create small pockets of spacein which the neighbors can intereact. Each bed is at a kneeling height that is comfortable, providing an even condition for every possible member of the community. 
  • With cost efficiency, ease of construction and material waste reduction as priorities, the design of all constructed elements has considered standard available materials, focusing on 8ft and 10ft board lengths.