One Sentence Epic

  • The One Sentence Epic is a series of 100 drawings, each at 2"x2.25".
    Each drawing was primarily drawn in ink, though there were no material restrictions.
    The main subject I drew was the city of Providence, ranging from a flower to skyscrapers. All together, they create a striking visual narrative.
  • The following drawings below are select pieces from the 100 made.
  • Looking around the city, I found the many variations of skyline to be quite picturesque.
  • These small vignettes can show the quaint atmosphere in some remote, untouched areas.
  • Such small drawings allowed me to create many unusual perspectives.
  • Mistakes were embraced to their fullest.
    The permanence of ink makes all marks meaningful.

  • In time, I could even create my own landscapes. Some of these drawings do not have a real life counterpart, so they are impossible to compare with an outside element.
  • With the potentially infinite number of vignettes, they are never restricted to simple matters of line, tone, composition, aesthetic, material and subject. The story can continue on.
  • The entire series was spontaneously put on display at the Mitchell Corridor Gallery in Brown University.
    Because each drawing is so small, they can be put up in any location, without too much effort.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes.
    To hold the small yet powerful representation of our world in a hand is a peculiar honor.