A Flag Project

  • Unit 3 Question: How can we use symbols to unify a group of people?

    I don't think the RISD Graphic Design Department should have a flag. 

    The sophomore GD class was asked to create a flag for the Design Center, where our department is located. This project was about uniting a community of people using a graphic symbol/language, through understanding what we do as a department, the nature of our work, our ethnographic characteristics, encompassing graphic design as a medium as well. 

    The Challenge: 
    I was reluctant to anchor something as provisional as graphic design.
    How can this affect how I respond to this prompt?

  • I approached this project analytically, surveying the building and people. This took the form of sampling colors textures -- understanding the materiality of the building -- and asking qualitative questions about what the people believe the department is about. 

  • Part of the task was to create 48 ideas for the flag. 

  • Staying away from anything too literal, I settled on the idea of pixels. It is a medium we use and it is accurate to this digital age. 

    We are mobile workers, coming together (in the Design Center building) to exchange ideas and to cultivate our own direction/style. 

  • My Flag: 
    I created a flag that will regenerate itself, reflective of how graphic design is ephemeral, responding to the current situation and demands. And in this response, we will reassemble accordingly.