R.I.P Squirrel (2016)

  • Brief Introduction:
    It is a 3D printed device made to raise awareness of roadkill to the public. 
    (Research:  Accordingly, every day in the U.S., 190 million motor vehicles hit the road, and one million animals get hit by motor vehicles, with the fact that squirrels get killed the most frequently.  Besides, it’s crucial to notice that the development of roads alters and isolates habitat and populations of wildlife, deterring the movement of wildlife, and resulting in extensive wildlife mortality. ) 
  • Basically, it is designed as a tombstone, consisting of a sculpture, platform and four spikes.  The sculpture represents driving’s fatal impact to squirrels, and the platform is set as a place to put flowers on.  Last, four spikes at the bottom function as supports to prevent the device from easily being blown away.   

  • These are the 3D printed real life products and the 3D model that I created using Maya. 
    The objective of this assignment is to design something related to any social issue and functional at the same time, but not really useful in terms of really help saving the problems.
  • These are the pictures from the process of creating the little product, ranging from brainstorming to thinking about the final product.
  • Next time you see a dead squirrel on the road, please stop by and hold a funeral for it by putting a “R.I.P Squirrel” next to it or sticking one in dirt if there are sidewalk plantings nearby.  You can make a huge difference with a little action!