• Growing up on a small island off the coast of Maine, my relationship with the ocean has been an intrinsic part of my identity. To exist on an island is to live in a close-knit community. When two members of my community passed away due to struggles with mental illness, I felt the loss deeply, like all of the island. I decided to explore the ocean as a metaphor for grief, while using iconography and techniques of Maine seacoast industry and my community on¬†Chebeague Island Maine to create a "communal garment" designed to be worn by multiple people simultaneously. Within this piece are tributes to the two individuals who inspired this piece, meant to remember them for their contributions to my community and their presence on the island. "grief wave" is the celebration of the strength of my community in the face of such hardship and loss.¬†
    My deepest thanks to my models Maya Ortiz Saucedo, Donald Morris, and Yiwei Meng for supporting my approach this incredibly meaningful project with such sincere enthusiasm and kindness.