Draw Something 2

  • Draw Something 2

    We reimagined the smash-hit drawing game loved by over 100 million players, with all new ways to draw, guess, and share with friends. You can now share your drawings in a feed for all your friends to see. DS2 contains a practical navigation that enables you to follow your friends, celebs, and discover new artists. And to have greater user retention, we included new daily challenges to draw and guess every day.

    I had a lot of fun working on this game, as it allowed me to venture into the more app-heavy side of UI, and because the core of the app is one of my favorite hobbies, drawing.
  • The marketing for the game was done in-house, which means post-launch we get a lot of fun projects thrown our way. One of the projects was to create a series of Wild Postings to be hung around the City, and to get the audience to interact with it in a similar manner as the game. Scroll below to see some of them.
  • Also check out the trailer we created for the game below! It's refreshing to get to use both my Design, Illustration, and Motion Graphics skills in one project.