• Draw Something

    15 Million daily active users, 36,500,000 monthly active users, and 100 million+ downloads, are a few of the stats that show how massively well-recieved this addicting game was. From the infant wireframing days of this project, I never imagined I'd be seeing the finalized version: living on the phones of my parent's friends, overhearing strangers on the bus talking about drawing techniques, or that people from across the globe would have heard of our game. 

    We kept the navigation of this game pretty simple (with a lobby, a store, and the ability to comment on drawings), later on we added the ability to share to other apps like instagram. facebook etc. Thusly, the UI let people experience the real 'meat' of the game, connecting with friends via drawing. Like an updated mobile asynchronous version of Pictionary. Also, check out this trailer I made.