The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

  • The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrorw - Fort Adams, Newport, RI

        The subject of nature has long shaped the content of everyday conversation. The twentieth-century poet Theodore Roethke remarked 
    “To have the whole air!—
    The light, the full sun
    Coming down on the flowerhead…”
        Listening tunnel is for soldiers to listen underground if their energy is coming. It’s dark and cold. When you enter the room, you will feel a sense of warmness and brightness, a huge contrast will bring you into another world, there are grass on the floor, all over the place. You can even smell them and sense the life and vitality of it. When you stand in front of one of the two windows, you can feel the wind is blowing to you. It makes me feel very peaceful but also uncanny. It is a deception of leisure, bringing the unknown history back to the audience’s experience. the sun in the middle of the room is made up by 1799 small laser-cut circles, the year when the fort was established.
        In this installation, representations of the sun and grass dominate the expanse of the room. This ubiquitous subject is the basis for eexploring ideas about experience and spiritual mediation. It is a space of deception of leisure and representation, bringing the unknown history back to the audience’s experience.
        Sunrise and sunset evokes birth, new beginning, manifestation. Decisively marking the division of time between night and the day it brings into being, sun is symbolic not only of the creation of the world, but of the birth of consciousness— the “day” of psychic life—and the ego that is its presiding and orienting luminary. Orange colors the ascent, descent and burning of the sun, associating its hues with processes of emergence, heat, growth and perfection, and the coagulating intensity of desire. The warmth of orange becomes emblematic of nature and psyche’s more searing transformations, sudden and drastic—the quality of forests fire, volcanic explosion and nuclear blast. The contrast between the orange and green of the grass indicate the vitality but uncanny feeling of the room.