• Dance Central 2

    I was psyched to be lead HUD/UI artist on this project, and to iterate on the preexisiting HUD/UI framework. This project proved challenging in that we wanted to have a synchronous multiplayer mode. With limited screen real estate, I chose to integrate the HUD elements into the game space--such as a boombox that fills up with stars and keeps track of your score, and player feedback shown by a series of concentric circle effects that light up around your character. 
  • Here's a demo reel I made showcasing some of the HUD work I made:
  • I created everything in this video below with After Effects and 3d studio. During the development cycle, mockups are made to provide a chance to quickly critique the User Interface/HUD elements and gain feedback before they are actually implemented in the game. These mockups in particular were used to showcase menu layout, navigation, and special effects.