Leach Bleach

    Setting: Rhode Island School of Design | Design Studio I
    Date: October 2016
    Work Time: 2 Weeks
    Question: How can the graphic medium enhance, enrich, and deepen the verbal message?

    The initial objective of this exercise was to pick a word and break apart its various meanings, functions associations, and forms. We completed these exercises through mind-mapping the meaning of the word, exploring how visuals can embed meaning and creating an experience that might drive forward the poetic potential for the word. 

    The final stamp product encapsulated an interesting phenomena: putting in effort to undo substance. The effort the viewer/user goes through to see the changes that occur takes a new perspective on "less is more" as, over time, the stamps message shifts from "bleach" to "leach". This subtle change evokes the careful symbiotic nature that exists between words with similar meanings but different connotations.