Creative Process UIUX : Smooth-On

  • Creative Process Tablet App Design   |   UIUX : Point, Click and Drag Fall 2016
    Group Project : 

    Lucy Yip (Surface Design / Feedback), 
    Clare Jessey (Research), 
    Yeonsoo Kim (Wireframe / Persona / Skeleton Design), 
    Jackson Yi Zhao (Structure Design)

    Make a partner app for Smooth-on Products 

    Smooth On, Mold Making is a process in design that relates to baking in that it is so precise and has a correct and incorrect way. Having an App that could connect with the consumer/user would help them get satisfying results because it would give specifics mixing and cure times and would aware the user of any troubleshooting early and would guide them along the way to creating a strong mold and finished product. 


    The surface stage is the last stage of this design process, and it is the stage that directs the user through the application. It is the link between the user and the previous four stages. Similar to the wireframes, we tried to keep the surface visuals simple, obvious, clean and aesthetically pleasing. Our goal was to form a connection between the visual language of the original product and the minimalist nature of our app. We maintained the font and color schemes of the original brand but slightly altered its saturation and compositions to our own design. 

  • Final presentation with animated APP demonstration

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