Otamatone Packaging Redesign

  • Maywa Denki is a Japanese art unit established by two brothers, Masamichi and Nobumichi Tosa. They are known for a variety of things: their art, performance, music, videos, toys and electric devices. As a big fan of their products, I decided to redesign the package of Otamatone, one of their most well-known musical instrument series. The main objective of this project was to create a reusable packaging.
  • Initial sketches & the original packaging on the left.
  • The packaging is composed of four parts: a white box, an acrylic lid, a handle and an informational paper background inserted inside the box. The transparent lid slides up and down, mimicking the movement of playing the actual instrument. The hole works not only as a handle to slide open the box but also as a design element to put an emphasis on the little face of the instrument. The lid is also engraved with musical notes.
  • Other than a case for your Otamatone, the box can also be used as a container for your pencils, tapes, markers and many other fun things!
  • Thank you!

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