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  • Reno embodies ideas of Western idealism, the frontier spirit, transience, and the gambler’s impulse to risk everything for the chance at a better life. It was founded as a toll, a passage across the Truckee River, and on silver from the Comstock Lode. A pioneering town that has never abandoned its traditions of boom and bust; Reno is a place of gambling, drinking, and legalized prostitution. It was once known as the divorce capital of America, attracting glamorous prospective divorcees from around the country who established residency just long enough to untie the knot. Even in its brush with glamour Reno remained true to the profane. It was and is a place of extremes, where mediocrity is traded in for a chance at the exceptional. A transient space made up of transients, Reno is a place of dreams and deviation, a place to forget the past and look toward a better future, a place you move to finally imagine a new beginning. And though most of the dreams are never realized and those that are quickly vanish, still it is the image of Reno as the quintessence of its failed myths that reverberates and entices. 
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  • Reno is located in the Truckee Meadows, which occupies part of the Upper Sonoran Life Zone. The Valley floor is occupied by big sagebrush,bitterbrush and rabbit brush. Sagebrush fills over 60% of all ground space.

    The Jackrabbit and the Coyote are the most well-adapted to the Sagelands of Nevada.

    The first Reno would never win awards for city planning ortrend-setting architecture. It was a frontier village that typically sacrificedeverything for prosperity; an attitude that steadfastly remains.
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  • A form of public entertainment that attracts considerable attention in Reno is the walker or professional pedestrian. A walker will arrive in town and publicize their intention to walk a certain distance in a specified time –perhaps 50 miles in 10 hours or less. They’ll hire a hall, pace or measure its length and width, and ascertain the number of circuits necessary to equal amile. Then they’ll issue a challenge to anyone who thinks they can keep up. Admission is charged – usually 50 cents – and at the prearranged time the walk begins.
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  • Territorial Enterprise 1869

    Miss Kate Lorence accomplished the feat of walking 100 miles in 28 hours, at the Eureka Opera House, winding up the performance at 12midnight. She had one minute and a quarter to spare. We heard offers of bets made that she could walk the same distance inside of 27 hours. As it turned out, from what we could hear, Miss Lorence has not done well, financially.

    On Thursday night snow fell in Reno to the depth of five inches. Yesterday a number of sleighs were running in our streets; but this morning it is thawing fast, and the skies threaten rain.

    Miss Florence Layton died yesterday afternoon at about half-past one o’clock. A sweet spirit has gone to its eternal home beyond the skies, there to be forever more.
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  • Nevada State Journal 1869

    A number of incendiary acts have been committed within a few months past – among them was a large distillery.

    Died in Reno, April 29 th, of consumption, F.L. Sullivan,age 50 years.

    Mrs. Anna Furlong, of Verdi, who is possessed of the idea that her relations and everyone else is after her money, had an examination made of her sanity, yesterday, and was pronounced harmless by the county physicians.
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  • Asphyxia is not a good word to express sickness or death caused by an interruption of respiration. It really means failing of the pulse. The proper word to define strangulation is Apnœa. The miners in Gold Hill died from Apnœa not Asphyxia.

    For some time past there has been quite an influx of strangers, non-residents at least, who appear to be looking for locations. The opinion is gaining ground that Reno will do to tie to.
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  • The Sage Brush says the crickets that a few weeks since threatened to capture all Lassen County have suddenly disappeared.
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  • Nevada State Journal, 1879

    A man by the name of Andrew Ryan was found dead in his cabin near Eureka on Tuesday last. He had evidently shot himself sometime during the course of the day. Supposed cause – whiskey.

    ‘A Breach of Promise’ will be the next attraction at the Opera House.

    Thomas McCormick, the ex-prize fighter, well-known in Reno, who attempted to steal Dr. O.N. Sullivan’s watch at Grass Valley, has been convicted of petty larceny.
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  • Reno is still improving. Several new buildings are in course of construction.
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  • Territorial Enterprise, 1879

    Four inches of fine ice on the Evans reservoir yesterday morning.

    Recent investigations isolated individual characteristics common to those suicide prone, included are: denied ambitions, business or personal tragedy, aggressive personality, paranoia and especially transiency. Virtually any list of suicidal traits applies equally well to those drawn to a frontier.
  • Ascheim, the barber and amateur pedestrian, entered the field last evening to walk against Miss. Randall, one of the female pedestrians now exhibiting at Piper’s Opera House, in a five-mile rush. Ascheim did well, much better than anyone supposed he could do, starting in as he did without any training, and, in the contest, came out but two laps behind his fair antagonist.
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  • In Reno, Nevada the old ladies
    playslot machines and never stop.

    Reno, Nevada has an efficient police force,
    anannual Rodeo, and an active chamber of commerce.

    Reno, Nevada was named after a Paiute Indian chief
    called Reno, Nevada.

    Guiseppe Verdi wrote an opera
    Called “Reno, Nevada.”

    When Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross
    he cried out “Reno, Nevada!”

    Sometimes I awake suddenly from strange dreams
    like some huge beast, Reno, Nevada is crawling toward me across the desert.
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