Special Topics : CNC

  • Fall 2015 - CNC taught by Jacob (Jake) Horsey
    Random pieces of finished and unfinished works

  • Aluminium Power Switch   |   Introductory CNC project ; HSM built and programmed CAM, hand polished

  • Brass Ruler   |   Projected Drawing on SOLIDWORKS Model ; hand chamfered and CNC engraved

  • Casted Miniature X-ACTO Utility Knife   |   CNC-ed aluminum molded and casted in white urethane plastic with inserts made from tin-plated steel

  • Acrylic Resin Turner's Cubes and Variations  |   CNC experimentations with new materials

  • Toasty Dog (Collaboration with Ayah)  |   Combination of CNC and 3D printing - Aluminum, PLA, Wood and Acrylic

  • Toasty Dog  |   Rendering of "pure-bread dog"