(WIP) Where Do I Fit?

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  • Cities are often built from a collection of neighborhoods and niches.  This can be both a comfort and a burden, particularly those who are new to the city such as students, immigrants, etc. When you fit perfectly into a space, there is a great, accepting feeling from the community.  But what if you’re not quite the right shape for a place?  What if you have to stretch and push just so you can fit into a place?

    Question:  Will you awe at your flexibility or feel guilty that you had to do it at all?
  • current character sketches
  • PITCH:  A series of “misfit” characters placed in between alleyways, buildings, doors, etc. around Providene, RI.

    Each character will be unique and clearly out-of-place in their environment given their highly saturated color and scale. Their stylization will be high enough so that none of them represent any specific group of people or individuals.  In this way, the feeling and action comes across first. 
  • mock-up locations