The Living Room

  • ‘Ag dul sios an staighre’

    ‘Go Round’


  • 'Today's Toile'

  • The Audio Tour itself is housed within fake books on top of the mantel place.

    If you have been a truly dedicated
    Audio Tour Guest and have listened beyond the Welcome message and Track 1, Track 2 will give you something a little more...a little reward.  
  • The framed print, 'Beautiful Birds, Delicious Desserts, Pigeons and Whoopi Pies' is a photogravure and an eight color silk screen print. Before we had processed snack cakes and cities full of pigeons, we had beautiful birds and delicious desserts.  

  • Track 6 will lead you to the video hidden behind the framed print.:  'Waiting', I stand in front of dozens of beautiful, decorative fireplaces. Fireplaces that were once utilized but now are just for show. Standing in appropriate pose I wait for someone to enter the room.