Words On Wings

  • Words On Wings
    Industrial Design, Product Design, Tabletop Design
  • There are times you want to celebrate and remember.
    There are days you wish to make special with your loved ones.

    Words On Wings  is a napkin ring that helps you deliver the messageto your special guests.
    Simply write what you want to say on the paper and let the little birdy do the work!
    Make your dining experience precious and memorable.

  • Making the mock-up models, I considered the way the napkin is placed inside of the ring and how it conveys the image of "delivering the message." Initially, I thought of spot welding the bird on a separate ring that could be outsourced. However, I was more drawn to the idea of making the product out of one piece of metal, simplifying the manufacturing process.
  • After making mock-up models, I made prototypes of different shapes of napkin rings to decide on the final design. During the prototyping process, I found out that the proportions of the body and tail of the bird greatly affect to the way the napkin is placed in the ring. I was also able to find the right length for the beak to hold the paper scroll in place. In addition, I revised the design so that the ring can stand by itself on the dinner table without tipping over.