[2016 Spring] Exhibition Design - Aldo Rossi

  • Mission:

    Create an exhibition stand that represents the spirit of Aldo Rossi, and showcase one of his pieces and a paragraph of text that introduces him.

    Aldo Rossi: 

    Aldo Rossi, (born May 3, 1931, Milan, Italy—died September 4, 1997, Milan), is an Italian architect and theoretician who advocated the use of a limited range of building types and concern for the context in which a building is constructed. This postmodern approach, known as neo-rationalism, represents a reinvigoration of austere classicism. In addition to his built work, he is known for his writings, numerous drawings and paintings, and designs for furniture and other objects.

    Project Detail:

    Dimension: 24 in * 12 in * 12 in
    Scale: 1:12
  • Initial Sketch

    Thanks for Viewing