machine knitting-RMIT

  • First year beginners machine knitting-an exploration of new techniques such as stripes, lace work, ladders, decorative hems, tuck stitches and knit weaving.
  • Vibrant colours and a myriad of textures inspired by 60's Miami

  • Knitting multiple strands of yarn as one, for dynamic, multi-dimensional fabrics
  •  detail of lace, ladder & stripe work
  • "Little Beasties" machine knitted collection. Intended for young girls'  apparel, it features the contrast of thick weighty texture with fine lace work and tuck stitch, with a neutral icy/warm colour palette.
  • Detail of interwoven chords or roulos
  • Textured knitted girl's dress sample, with tuck stitch, a waist chord and decorative hem
  • Detail of lace and ladder work sample as student concept book cover