NYC Bike Rack

  • P1 Bike Rack
    NYC Bike Rack Competition
  • The P1 offers a combination of safety, security, economy and versatility.
    Allowing up to three bikes to be stored at one time, the P1 presents a variety of usage scenarios. The inner selection offers the maximum security and increased stability, while the two outer spaces improve accessibility and availability for users on-the-go. In addition, the P1 accommodates all types of bikes – from full size to folding.
    Users are presented with multiple locking points at raised levels to prevent locks from being struck apart. What’s more, P1 prevents the dreaded bicycle “slip-fall,” which can lead to bikes being crushed beneath parking cars.
    From the perspective of mounting the racks in sidewalks, the P1 can be safely fastened to the ground with either an integrated mount for additional security or a bolt mount for easy installation.