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    WOP-Opener is my final project of Design for Production course.
    Throughout this course we visited manufacturing, marketing, and retail facilities to develop a working understanding of production processes and methods available to us and how best to effectively implement these resources into our work as a designer/artist. The studio course concludes with each student presenting a finished production ready object in multiples along with supporting marketing materials. By approaching this class from a design, manufacturing, and marketing perspective students will acquire a practical knowledge of production strategies essential to the success of a designer today.

    The core techniques I used in this project were Laser Cutting and UV Printing. Laser Cutting is a simple but efficient technique to working on sheet materials, same as UV Printing. When I brought my concept of design to local manufactures, I should really concern the limits of time and cost. So I finalize my design into WOP-Opener. The website design is also a good method to benefit small business such as this scale of eCommerce.