silkscreen fabric prints-organics

  • Nature-inspired hand-drawn and painted designs, translated onto fabric 
    through silkscreen using dye and pigment.
  •  "Ocean Flowers" hand-painted repeating design, acrylic silkscreen on cotton
  • "Ocean Flowers" 2 metre length 
  • "Ocean Flowers" dark colour way 

  • Silkscreen designs based on bones for young women's apparel
  • Silkscreen of bone motifs 
  • Acid dye digital print of bone motifs with ancient turtle fossil overlay
  •  Rough hewn stripe coordinate
  • Detail of hand painted floral design, silkscreen on linen
  • Floral design silkscreen on linen scarf
  •  Hand embroidered oceanic bone motifs on silk
  • Resist print of an x-ray design on fine silk
  • Detail of resist silkscreen print
  •  Discharge technique on silk velvet with rusted stripes and silkscreen printing on reverse 
  • Detail of silk velvet discharge technique
  • Hand drawn bone motifs silkscreened onto fabric with digital transfer overlay