machine knitting-RISD

  • Beginning machine knitting techniques including punch card, manual tuck stitch and colour scheme development, along with basic garment design & construction at RISD, 2012.
  • Knitted garment & samples student collection at RISD, 2012. Garments include landscape and island-inspired bandeau, tunic and one-piece swimsuit. Linen, cotton and synthetic fibres.
  • Island-inspired, machine knitted one-piece swimsuit featuring manual and automated tuck stitching.
  • Rear view of island-inspired swimsuit features knitted criss-crossed chord
  • Landscape-inspired tunic and bandeau (shown underneath) feature diagonal and oscillating ovals punch card patterns, hemming and shaping with a vibrant tonal fibre mix. Linen, cotton and synthetic machine knitting.
  • Machine knitted bandeau features oscillating oval punch card pattern and a simple body-hugging fit with integrated elastic hem.