• Lightboxes
    Explorations in light  
  • In this series, I explore opacity and transparency and the ability for materials to transform identity through the addition of light. I started the process by stitching together found strips of fabric, tea bags, paint skins, coffee filters, and other remnants to make the skins. The visual inspiration for the skins was the aerial view of landscapes at different times of the day. The stretchers were made using recycled wood. I stretched the skin quilts onto the wooden frames as the final step of the building process.  Originally the idea was to illuminate the boxes from the back with lightbulbs. Later, I found placing the lightboxes in windows and watching them slowly change color and opacity throughout the day was more compelling. Additionally, it led to more transformations depending on the location of the sun. 
  • Skin 1- Detail while illuminated at noon
  • Skin 1- Not Illuminated 
  • Skin 1- Sun setting
  • Skin 1- Full view while showing wooden frame. 
  • Hanger