Art School Archetypes

  • This was a cathartic final project I made my last year at RISD. I did not fit the art school mold because, as I was told, I was "too mainstream" (I wore leggings and Uggs to class...I like to be comfortable!) Ironically, the students that openly criticized me and my JanSport backpack (which by the way carried all of my supplies far more efficiently than those waxed canvas and leather satchels) were all conforming to the same thing. Thus my concept of the "Art School Archetypes" was born. I set out to prove that my peers, not I, were the ones riding the mainstream. While I was shunned for having a white mountain bike instead of fixed gear, I was completely unique in a sea of colored hair, piercings, and vintage clothing.

    I would like to think I was successful - at my final show I overheard almost every student who looked at this piece whisper to their friends: 
    "Oh my God...She totally drew me".