Early Portfolio

  • Life Portfolio
    Wide array of works that demonstrate beautiful rendering of subject matter while discussing current societal concerns and issues 
  • The collection of works that I have produced demonstrate a great deal about my personal experiences, and how social media and political issues have played an integral part to my artistic process. Considering our generation and the level of significant political, social, and economical issues that are being presented to the public, as artists we must explore that controversial and exciting realm and manifest these ideas in a way that can be understood by all audiences so we can all consider these issues and be proactive in changing our community for the better.

    I  hope to create and design work that demonstrate all of these qualities by being aware of my surroundings and considering the possibilities that can improve our way of living.
  •  "Broken Shell" 15" X 21" Black conte
  • "Sarah" 16" X 23" Black conte and soft pastel
  • "Bone and Gourd" 15" X 21" Black conte
  • "Bikini Girl" 13" X 23" Black and color conte 
  • "Seafarer" 16" X 21" Black conte
  • "Self Portrait" 16" X 19" Blue pastel pencil
  • "Urban Wasteland" 16" X 22" Black conte and white pastel
  • "Puck You" 17" X 22" Black and color conte
  • "Self Portrait" 16" X 20" Black and white charcoal pencils
  •  "Radiance" 16" X 22" Black conte and soft pastel
  • "Grandpa" 16" X 21" Brown soft pastels
  • "Self Portrait" 17" X 19" Red conte
  • "Adam and Steve" 17" X 22" Black and color conte
  • "St. Sebastian" 18" X 24" Pencil
  • "Bound" 17" X 23" Black and white charcoal pencil
  • The last three artworks shown in this project are definitely the more significant pieces in my portfolio mostly because they reflect the types of issues that I speak of to be present in our society. I created these pieces to show how our society's ignorance and strict, conservative beliefs will ultimately negatively impact our community as a whole.

    These pieces serve to open people's eyes and see the harm and struggle that  result from hurtful words or actions solely because one's beliefs differ from another's.