JewelJewel: Pendant

  • JewelJewel is an intricate, ornamental pendant that uses electronics to accentuate and deepen the traditional functionalities of jewelry. Rather than using ornament as a skin for integrating other, new, additional functionalities into your life, JewelJewel considers a few of the reasons why we already wear and use jewelry, and then uses sensors and electronic outputs to fulfill those reasons in a more effective manner. Those three elements are:

    -Jewelry as an object that desires and needs to be worn
    -The use of refracted light and stones to accentuate the wearer
    -Jewelry as an amulet/container

    This Kickstarter serves not only as an opportunity to contextualize the electronic pendant alongside other new, current interpretations of "wearable technology," and to thrust it into a public sphere, but also as a chance to emphasize the worn nature of jewelry. Through this campaign, anyone who wishes to can have the opportunity to own, experience, and bond with the work. 

    For the full description of the functionalities and design of JewelJewel, visit the unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign.