Beasts - Inspired by Chauvet Cave

  • Beasts 
    Inspired by Chauvet Cave
  • This collection of paintings began as an exploration of animal anatomy.  I have been impressed with Paleolithic cave paintings  for some time and felt this would be a good place to begin with my work.  I think that the movie "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" by Werner Herzog re-awakened some of this as well.  The cave works are imbued with grace and mystery; I wanted mine to share some of these qualities. 
  • Horse Studies - 32" x 48" - oil on linen with gold leaf and spray paint
  • Gorillas - 32" x 32" - oil on linen with gold leaf
  • Lions - 42" x 32" - oil on linen
  • Wolves - 24" x 36" - oil on linen