Layers of Light- Digital Prints

  • Layers Of LightDesigns for Digitally Printed Fabrics

  • For this collection of fabrics I was inspired by the subtleties of light and atmosphere in Ansel Adams' black and white photographs of the national parks. I was particularly drawn to the images of water, reflections, and fog which reminded me of the depth and organic movements created by drops of ink in water. I translated this visual image of ink drops onto paper with watercolors then experimented with collaging and layering these painting in Photoshop to achieve a certain vibrancy where the light would seem to be emerging from within the fabric. The prints relying on symmetry are intended to be engineered so that certain portions of the all-over print will be placed on specific areas of the garment.

    Fabrics from left to right: cotton sateen, nylon lycra, silk charmeuse