Landscape Painting

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  • Landscape Painting

    Finding sentimentality in familiar landscapes and excitement in creating new ones. An installation of sculptures created with natural and artificial materials, some gathered by the artist.

    The sculptures establish a topography within the room, operating both as individual works but also as a larger landscape. There are many components that are decomposing rapidly -onions, flowers, mosses, grasses, or some with the potential to decay - candles, woods, cement, plaster. Bronze and steel elements are archival and can enter the geological record one day. This utilization of found natural materials points to the desires behind collecting – and the consequences of those actions. No parts shall be removed from the landscape painting as pieces die, but new pieces can be added, and the landscape painting can be rearranged in different configurations, responding to the place of installation.

    With Landscape Painting and other recent work, I am interested in establishing harmonies ((both in the piece and at large)).
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