Drawings from the Road to Rome 1

  • Drawings from the Road to Rome 
  • Every July, Fred Lynch travels to the central Italian city of Viterbo and spends hours sitting in the shade, drawing from observation. Hunched over his sketchbook, he faces his favorite subjects: sun-splashed piazzas, odd ancient houses and quiet cobblestone alleys, most of which he finds within the walls of this small medieval city.

    Fred Lynch is an illustrator, artist and professor of Illustration at Montserrat College of Art
    and Rhode Island School of Design, his alma mater.

    More of Fred's Italian Drawings can be seen at his blog, Siesta Sketches.
    Fred's illustration and artwork can be found at his website, FredLynch.com

    Drawing Viterbo, the self published book, can be found at Blurb.

    ©Fred Lynch  All rights reserved.
  • Siesta in Bagnaia
  • Bomarzo's Mouth of Hell
  • Piazza Erbe
  • Overlooking Orvieto
  • By The Train Tracks in Bagnaia
  • A Student Draws in San Pellegrino
  • Dark Shadows
  • The Courtyard
  • The Line to the Cinema
  • The Wine Bar by Piazza Morte
  • Siesta Stroll
  • Santa Rosa's Fountain
  • Home of the Templars
  • Outskirts of Town
  • Three Doors Down
  • The Skinny House of Perugia
  • The Swimming Hole at Vulci
  • The Hunter of Soranno
  • Piazza del Gesu, Viterbo
  • Through the House, Viterbo, Italy